Elstree Investment Management Limited was formed in 2002 and is exclusively and equally owned by the three executives associated with the company. Since 2003 it has managed ASX listed hybrid portfolios. Currently the firm manages approximately $150 million across an unlisted wholesale fund (Elstree Enhanced Income Fund) and a number of individually managed accounts.   

In the same year in 2002, the team at Elstree developed the Elstree Hybrid Index, which is the only index of post-1999 hybrid prices and returns. The data from the Elstree Hybrid Index extensively for security selection, risk management and benchmarking. 

The Elstree Hybrid Index is also used by portfolio managers and advisers seeking to benchmark their investment performance against the broader Hybrid sector.

Elstree uses a different process to other investors when analysing and selecting hybrids. That process, over 80 years of combined experience, and the use of our proprietary database has resulted in portfolios which have consistently outperformed the hybrid market, with a controlled approach to risk. 

Elstree construct portfolios which seek to benefit from market opportunities and inefficiencies through a combination of active security and/or sector selection, and active secondary market trading.