“Elstree Hybrid Fund (EHF1) is a welcome opportunity for investors to access a well-considered, carefully crafted and managed portfolio of equity hybrids”

Evergreen Ratings, Elstree Hybrid Fund Report, December 2020


We combine a different process with 80 years experience to exploit market inefficiencies producing above sector returns.

The Elstree Enhanced Income Fund returned 8.8% (excluding franking) over 12 months to end-February 2021. The fund invests in 15-40 hybrids and is aimed at investors who want a higher return than bank term deposits and less yield risk than investing in Australian shares.
The Elstree Hybrid Fund (EHF1) will use the same investment strategy as the unlisted Elstree Enhanced Income Fund.



Elstree Hybrid Fund (EHF1) will be quoted on 31 March 2021

EHF1 can be traded on Chi-X during normal market hours

iNAV $5.0845

* Data is the real time price

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EHF1 launches on Chi-X

Market leaders in the Hybrid sector, Elstree Investment Management, have launched a new fund aimed exclusively at retail investors.  Elstree Hybrid Fund (Chi-X: EHF1) will

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SQM Research

SQM Research has given Elstree Hybrid Fund a 3.75 out of 5 star rating. This rating provides the fund with a ‘Favourable’ rating and notes

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